The Northeast Symposium has the following list of confirmed speakers:

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Alexia Nalewaik, AACE International President, presenting the Thursday Keynote address. 

Mr. William Weidemeyer, Superintendent of House Office Buildings, Architect of the Capitol, presenting the Friday midday Keynote address.

Panel Discussions

Transportation Sector Panel

Forecasting and Addressing Risks for Successful Delivery

  • Thomas Crone - MWAA

  • Christopher Payne - MBP

  • Norman Forde - STV

  • Jodie Biden - MTA

  • Craig Hinton - PHL

  • Chair: Nicole Johnson - Envision

Vertical Construction Panel

Lessons Learned and Best Practices on Building Rehab Projects

  • Lisa Anders - MCN Build

  • William “Bill” Weidemeyer - Architect of the Capitol

  • Mitchell Miles - US Dept. of State

  • Mark Childs - Michael Baker

  • Judi Hill - DC Courts

  • Chair: Chowdhary Gondy - CES Consulting

International Cost Panel

Using International Construction Measurement Standards to Consistently Present Life Cycle Costs Delivery

  • Alexia Nalewaik - AACE President

  • Chris Carson - Arcadis

  • Robert Raynes - AMCL North America

  • Danielle Lester - NYU

  • Chair: Anil Sawhney - RICS


Cost Estimating & Project Management

  • David Holmes, CES, presenting ‘Bottoms-Up Cost Estimating using HCSS Heavy Bid Software’

  • Les McMullan, Hatch, presenting ‘Trend and Change Management: Avoiding the Iceberg Effect”

  • Stephen L Cabano, Pathfinder, presenting ‘Supporting Owner Estimate Classes with Engineering Maturity and Accuracy”

  • Paul G Williams, Pathfinder, presenting ‘Owner Project Planning Supports Estimate and Schedule Accuracy”

  • Thomas Crone, MWAA, presenting ‘Silver Line: What and Where is it?’

  • Ett Di Giovanni, ARES PRISM, presenting ‘Field Management - Diving into the Details’

  • Subhash Tuladhar, Department of Design and Construction, City of New York, presenting ‘Leveraging project controls for Process Improvement Initiatives’

  • Chris Carson, Arcadis, presenting ‘Appropriate Methodologies for AACE Class 5 and 4 Cost Estimates

Planning & Scheduling

  • Fred Plotnick, EnProMac, presenting ‘The Intersection of CPM, Engineering, and Law’

  • Ron Winter, Ron Winter Consulting, presenting ‘Mastering Out-of-Sequence Progress – Part 3’

  • Ted Douglas, ACTPMA Consulting, presenting ‘The NEW Scheduling CPM: Claims Protection Methods’

  • Erdem Ozleyen, AEGIS Project Controls, presenting ‘Exploring New Preferential Logic Alternatives in Project Schedule Optimization: Quantum Mechanics Approach’

  • Frank Perricelli & Matthew Freih, AECOM, presenting ‘Taking Control of Construction Scheduling: P6 Implemented Statewide’

  • Maryam Mirhadi, Adroit Consultants, presenting ‘Apportionment of Delay Responsibilities’

Claims and Disputes Resolution

  • John Livengood, Ankura, presenting ‘Concurrency and Pacing – Does Intent Matter?’

  • Jesse Sloane, Capital Project Management, Inc., presenting ‘Rickover Principles: Applying the Success of the Nuclear Navy to Construction Projects and Claims Analysis’

  • Mark Boe, Capital Project Management Inc., presenting ‘Intellectual Honesty in Claims Analysis’

  • Christopher Payne, MBP, presenting ‘We Can’t Get Good Labor, Now What?’ 

 Project Controls and Technologies

  • Bruce Betz, Envision, presenting ‘Comparing Software: Our Shop Needs Folks Trained in Three or More’

  • Michael Pink, SmartPM Technologies, Inc., presenting ‘Full Cycle Schedule Analytics in Construction’

  • Chitwan Saluja, Jacobs, presenting, ‘Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) on the Lifecycle of a Project’

  • Matt DeBasio, P Agnes, presenting ‘Expanding the use of BIM to Project Stakeholders’

  • Subhash Tuladhar, Department of Design and Construction, City of New York, presenting ‘Leveraging project controls for Process Improvement Initiatives’

  • Mini Mahdavi, Entech, presenting ‘BIM and Project Controls: EWR T1 Redevelopment Program

  • Abhi Basu, Basu Technology, presenting ‘An Overview of New Technologies Changing Construction’

Risk Management and Value Engineering

  • Tom Orr, MBP, presenting ‘For the Best Ideas in How to Make Things “More Better”, It’s All About the Process’

  • Calvin Nelson, Hexagon PPM, presenting ‘Pillars of Project Predictability’

  • Sagar Khadka, MBP, presenting ‘Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis: Making the Most of this Powerful Tool’

  • Chris Kinney, Value Mgmt Strategies, presenting ‘Risk Analysis Approach to Contingency”

  • Alexia Nalewaik, QS Requin Corp, presenting ‘Bias, Perspective, and Critical Thinking’


  • Jason Lee, Government Accountability Office, presenting ‘An Update on GAO’s Best Practices Guides for Federal Managers’

  • Rebecca Onuschak, Department of Energy, presenting ‘Implementation of the Program Management Improvement Accountability Act"‘


Email us at info@northeastsymposium if you have any questions.